We want you to be certain you love the artwork you select, that is why we rent art to local individuals and businesses. Renting from LP Art lets you live with a painting or sculpture before making the commitment to purchase it. Although you can rent any work of art for as many three-month rental terms as you like, at the end of each rental term you have the option to purchase the artwork. We can apply 50% of the total rental fees, paid to a particular piece, towards its purchase price.


People just like you! From art lovers and interior designers to tech start-ups and established law firms, it’s easy to see the range of people interested in enriching their daily lives with artwork.


Do you need to spice up your home for an upcoming event? Are you one of the thousands of renters that need art, but know you may move soon? Maybe you are new to collecting art and want to take it nice and slow. Whatever the reasons, we are sure to have something to speak to you, your style and your surroundings all for a fraction of the cost of purchasing.


Fine art creates a welcoming environment for visitors, stimulates conversation among colleagues, helps reinforce your professional identity and corporate culture. Whether your office is big or small, adding and rotating artworks is an easy way to transform a stale office into a lively workplace.